'Any-flavour-you-want’ Easy Peasy Crackers

Once you make your own crackers and lavosh you’ll never buy them again. This recipe is stupendously easy, low cost and totally customisable. Go crazy and create your own tasty combinations - nothing is off limits. Try dried herbs, spices, seeds, other grains such as quinoa and while they are fab with cheese, try topping them leftovers such as veggies, eggs, cheese, spreads or any rouge ingredients left in the fridge. You’ll go crackers for ‘em.

What You Need

1 cup oat flour (make your own by blitzing oats in a food processor)
1/4 cup LSA (linseed, sunflower seed, almond)
Salt flakes to taste
1/4 cup Australian olive oil
1/2 cup water

Optional flavour ideas: seeds such as pepitas, sesame or poppy seeds, dried herbs like thyme or rosemary, spices such as paprika or chilli – go crazy!

What To Do

1. Preheat oven to 150C.

2. Mix the oat flour, LSA, salt, and your choice of flavourings in a bowl.

3. In a separate bowl whisk the olive oil and water together. Add the wet ingredients to the flour mixture and stir to combine. Set the mixture aside for 5-10 minutes to rest, the oats will soak up the liquid and will become more of a dough consistency, if it seems a little crumbly and doesn’t stick together add a drop more water so the crumbs stick together.

4. Once plumped up, spoon the batter onto a piece of baking paper and spread out as thinly as possible, around 3mm. Sometimes I find it easier to place a second sheet of baking paper on top and use a rolling pin to spread the mixture out.

5. Place your rolled out mixture onto a tray. Bake for 30 minutes.

6. Remove tray from the oven and using a knife or a pizza slicer, score the crackers into squares or your desired shape and size. Put the crackers back into the oven and bake for another 20-25 minutes, the time will depend on the thickness of the crackers. The crackers will be dried, crispy and flaky when they are ready and they will have darkened slightly. Once cooled you’ll be able to snap them apart where you scored previously.

Store in an air tight container once cooled. Try and stop at one.


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