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Strawberry and Basil Shrub

If you haven’t yet heard of the refreshingly tart drink known as a ‘shrub’, you’re missing out! From the Middle East to Europe, vinegar-based drinks have been around for centuries as a way to preserve fruit and purify water without the need of refrigeration. Shrubs really blew-up in American households during the colonial era, but as refrigeration became commonplace, they were slowly replaced with juice and soft drinks. Little did anyone know, shrubs would be all the rage hundreds of years later. So, what exactly is a shrub?! Shrubs can be made from any fruit that has been macerated in sugar to obtain a deliciously sweet syrup. The syrup is then mixed with apple cider vinegar to hit the perfect...

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Kim Chi Pancakes

My love of fermented food is something that only continues to grow and grow. Aside from all the wonderful health benefits, the fact that fermented food just taste so damn good is essentially what keeps me going back for more. So you have your kim chi, now what do you do with it?! People often ask me what they can do with their kraut and kim chi. This tasty little kim chi pancake recipe is truly maximum reward for almost next to no effort. It’ll have everyone enjoying kim chi, even the kids) and it is perfect as an entrée or side dish. Makes 4 pancakesPrep time 10 minsCook time 10-15 mins  What You Need 1 cup kim chi store...

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