My Grandma Ben - The Café



The My Grandma Ben café is where all of our ideas come to life. Nestled inside Plant 4, Bowden, we are open from Tuesday-Sunday for coffee, breakfast, lunch and wine, and seasonly on Friday nights for our Supper Club dinners.  

It’s where our hands-on workshops take place, and where we are always pickling, fermenting or preserving something new for you to try. You can also shop our pantry for jars of our pickles, bags of granola and other seasonal goodies. 

Check out a sample of our café menu here. We also have lunch specials that change regularly. Please keep in mind that our menu is constantly changing, so this menu is a sample only.

For more information about our current menu or if you have any questions regarding dietary requirements, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to chat with you. 



Trade your home-grown produce with us!

Community is such an important aspect of our business. As well as working with farmers, producers and local food suppliers to ensure we utilise as much as possible before going to landfill, we also offer produce trading with our customers and community.

If you’re a keen home gardener with excess produce that you’re unsure what to do with, we’d love to trade it with you! We adore getting to know our customers through their veggie patches, and we’re always happy to exchange produce for jars of our pickles or a coffee. For large hauls of produce, we can process the produce for you, keep half for use in the café, and return half for you to enjoy at home.  

Whether it be more parsley than you can bare to think about, a handful of perfectly ripe peaches or a tree-full of apples -  there’s always something delicious to be made, and we never tire of working with beautifully home grown produce. 

Our winter 2021 batch of marmalade (which you can enjoy smothered onto crumpets in the café!) was made almost entirely from traded citrus fruit from our regular customers. Oranges, grapefruits and even a few tangelos thrown in, we processed over 70kg of fruit in total and it’s our best batch to date. 

It’s always a good idea to get in touch with us if you can before bringing produce in. This way, we have a heads up and can plan it’s use, ensuring we minimise wastage as much as possible.