Who is My Grandma Ben?

Hello! Welcome to our community.

Here at My Grandma Ben we believe in ethical food production, sustainable business practices and we strive to bring back community engagement. We're dreaming big. Through our website and bricks and mortar venue we aim to nourish community engagement through workshops, sharing recipes and tips for zero waste by providing a place to start for those beginning their reducing and reusing journey. 

We don't want to get all preachy, it's going to be fun. We hope that the ethical choice is the easy choice and believe that the sustainable way doesn't have to mean missing out.

So who is My Grandma Ben?
Ben was indeed a real person - our founder Jessie's grandma in-fact. Called Ben as a hybrid of Betty and Gran, coined by the oldest grandchild Lachie, the name stuck firm and was passed on to future grandchildren. She was a sophisticated woman who could seemingly whip up a three course meal from nowhere and took care in her home and garden.

Ben was of the generation who were frugal, mindful of waste and who made the most of the food and supplies they had. There was a humble gratitude when sharing food. A celebration of a ripe strawberry, a carefulness to use up leftovers and joy in sharing in something a bit special such as oysters or seafood.

Here at My Grandma Ben we truly believe that looking back to how our elders lived is the best way to move forward. We want to bring back the gratitude when enjoying food, and mindfulness around consumption of goods.  

My Grandma Ben - the store

A sustainability conscious online store featuring products to help live a plastic free lifestyle and help transitioning to a zero waste household. All our products are tested and reviewed by our staff and we only sell items we love to use. We’re all about living the change we want to see, and believe that every little change counts.

My Grandma Ben - the eatery

First and foremost we believe in ethical food production and sustainable business practices - especially reducing food waste. Our menu celebrates the seasons and champions producers and growers. We adore pickling, dig a bit of ferment action and love preserves and chutneys.

Community is an important aspect of our business. Working with farmers and food retailers to ensure food utilised before turning to land fill. Our vision is to work with growers and celebrate ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetable (seconds) by paying farmers for produce that has been rejected from the large supermarket chains, making the most of the fruits of their labour.

The Team

Jessie Spiby - Owner / founder
Desperately wanting to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, Jessie began My Grandma Ben as a way to help people beginning to dabble into eco conscious and sustainable ideas. The big dream is to make making good choices easier than making bad ones.  

Taylor Peplow Ball - Cafe manager, workshop (and workplace) organiser and all round living SAINT
Taylor comes with bags of experience. From managing WorkShop Adelaide to championing Slow Food Australia she has a fountain of experience and strives to live more sustainable each and every day. We couldn't live without her.

Jodie Zerna - Head chef, Dad joke enthusiast and green thumb
An avid gardener and keen fermenter, Jodie is the perfect person to complete our small team. Passionate about quality food (and beer) she comes with over seventeen years of experience which reflects in her flavoursome cooking. A love of fishing and the outdoors keeps this pint sized lady down to earth.

We love to collaborate, email hello@mygrandmaben.com if you'd like to chat ideas.